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Be Independent in a Connected World

Be Independent in a Connected World


LiTECUBE is a new, innovative startup developing a breakthrough solution in independent mobile device

connectivity and an independent Blockchain framework for unthetherd environment. We aim to revolutionize

several industries, including smart cities, FinTech, security, live entertainment and more. We currently operate

in stealth mode.

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LiTECUBE utilizes a combination of two innovative solutions:

1.LIDUN [Live, Independent, Dynamic, Untethered Network]: Creates an independent network utilizing mobile device only while detecting and mapping smartphones’ exact locations and proximity in relevance to their neighbors

2. BCoL [Blockchain over LiDUN]: a purpose-specific, enclosed and secure blockchain framework which overlays LiDUN.

LIDUN + BCoL create the LiTECUBE fTech-31 Platform.

LiTECUBE is fully committed to users’ privacy and security, and will incorporate methods and technologies to bar illegal or inappropriate use of personal information. Therefore, fTech-31 will be built from the ground up according to a Privacy and Security by Design philosophy.



We aim to provide an independent, on-demand, private and secure communication platform for a Blockchain-ready world.

Our focus is on the entertainment, sports, smart cities, FinTech and commerce industries, where a secure, independent and live Blockchain-based network is beneficial and even crucial. Using it, clients may operate real-time cryptocurrency micropayments and transactions, navigation and security solutions, location-based services and so much more.

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